The Story of Cascal

Old World taste meets New World appeal at Cascal. This vibrant restaurant concept brings together the savory flavors of Spain with the exotic culture of Latin America. The result is a land of lush cocktails, music and epicurean delights.

Cascal is the creation of Restauranteur Don Durante, whose past achievements include the award winning Le Mouton Noir and Silicon Valley’s iconic Birk’s Steakhouse.  Don’s vision was to create a place where friends could linger over exotic cocktails and enticing food. A place where you could get swept away by the bold personality and daring flavors of the menu.

To bring the concept to life, Don worked with Executive Chef Antonio Lopez Flores to develop the menu for Cascal. The menu’s tastes are inspired by the rich flavors of Spain, South America and Mexico.

To enhance the dining experience, Don collaborated with the award-winning Designer and Architect Chuck Thompson, who has designed over ninety restaurants around California. Cascal’s elegant yet casual atmosphere features a lively interior with an expansive bar and rustic chandeliers to create a vibrant experience.

Allow us to take you on a journey through the essence of Spain and Latin America at our location in Downtown Mountain View.