Edgardo Cambón and LaTiDo

“LaTiDo” is the Spanish word for heart beat.

LaTiDo Best Band Shot_previewBlessed with a tenor voice that resembles at times Rubén Blades or Isaac Delgado, leadsinger and Conga drummer Edgardo Cambón has been a driving force in the Bay Area’s Latin music scene since 1986.

LaTiDo’s high energy performances, featuring great vocals, a tight rhythm section, and the soulful sound of the Sax, is by now–after 4 CD recordings–world renown. Their repertoire combines dancing styles like Mambo, Cha-Cha-Chá, Merengue, Bolero, Bachata, Timba, Cumbia and much more. The real treat is Edgardo’s original music, presenting him as a poetic lyricist and accomplished writer.

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Listen to “Mari” by LaTiDo:

James Robinson

J1andJ2James Robinson gives a high energy and charismatic performance that explores instrumental improvisation to the deepest level. Each performance is a trip into the magical realm of sound, and the depth of the music is fueled by the energy of the audience. James is greatly inspired by the plethora of unique sounds of the multi-cultural influences of his home. He blends these inspirations into a virtuosic exhibition, leaving the listeners in awe of his talents.

James is inspired by the brilliant works of Al Di Miola, John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia on their 1980 recording “Friday Night in San Francisco”. James earliest professional endeavors revolved around classical music, and now he enjoys performing a fusion of Latin, World, and Jazz.

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Listen to “Colours of Awakening” by James Robinson:


VibraSON is one of the Bay Area’s hottest Salsa/Latin music band, playing both classic and contemporary Salsa, and Latin Jazz music that dancers and audiences both appreciate. The band was formulated by Jake Jacobs, a Bay Area dance teacher and musician for over 20 years (www.SalsabyJake.com), which resulted of an idea to bring a special kind of music to audiences here. The music is not obscure, in fact it is very famous, and was popularized decades ago in the 1960s and 1970s by great artists such as Joe Cuba, Jimmy Sabater and New Swing Sextet, Bloque53, when Boogaloo was making its way into the New York Latin scene. Is it cool? Yes, very–featuring the alluring sounds of the vibraphone. Is it hot? Extremely!–bringing forth the complex rhythms that make Latin music irresistible! This is music for the ages that lives on and on.

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Listen to “El Tiroteo” by VibraSON:


Live3(low)Californian songwriter Tiffany Joy  and Colombian musician Maqui Reyes met in 2010 in Buenos Aires and decided to set their solo musical careers aside to form the dynamic Latin pop dúo “IndiviDúo.” The unique story of IndiviDúo1(low)this duo transforms their music into something special, cosmopolitan – as eclectic and joyful as the two themselves. Singers, performers, and composers, these “IndiviDúos” manage to translate their talent into songs that take the listener on a journey. The energy they generate on stage is a unique alchemy, a true experience for the viewer who can feel that something special vibrates wherever these two share their voices and souls.

Gypsy Tribe

Gybsy Tribe

Music that passionately combines the essence of Spain, Brazil, the Middle East, North and Latin America. 

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